Lifetime Referral Commission Offer

How would you like to earn $1,000 per month – or even more – just by referring people to me for their marketing needs?*

My team and I have been helping businesses with their marketing strategy, lead generation and paid media, marketing automation, marketing collateral, graphic and web design, and all things marketing-related, for many years now. And most of these customers have come to us through word of mouth, so we understand the power of the referral.

What if you could earn around $200 instantly, just by recommending me? The best thing is that you don’t just get a one-off referral fee, you get it forever! That’s right, for as long as the customer pays me for services, you will continue to earn commission.

I’m so excited to tell you about my lifetime client commission referral offer, launched in 2024. 

It’s super easy! You just refer a business or individual to me for marketing services. Your referee gets a gigantic 50% discount on their first invoice and you get 20% of what is paid to me (so if they pay $1,000, this translates to a $200 bonus for you). After that, you will continue to receive 5% of what we receive from them for the whole lifetime of this client. So if they pay $100 per month on average, and you refer 5 clients to us, you could receive $500 per month for years* – without doing a thing!

All they need to do is let us know your name in order to claim the discount for themselves, and for you. It’s a win for everyone – you help people you know to access quality marketing services with a significant discount, and we thank you for sending the work our way by giving you a chunk of what we earn. As soon as we receive payment from the client, you will get your commission.

We provide exceptional marketing expertise and experience, and that’s why so many businesses keep coming back to our team on a monthly basis, with an average payment of $1,500 – $2,500. The monthly amount and frequency of payments can vary depending on the specific marketing services required, but there is great potential for you to earn a healthy commission for years to come.

You can help people you know to solve their marketing challenges and enjoy an outstanding experience with us, and be rewarded for this word of mouth for a lifetime! What would an extra passive income mean to you? How could you treat yourself?

You don’t need to sign up to anything to take advantage of this offer – just tell your referee that they can get a 50% discount by quoting your name when they reach out to us. If you want to get the most out of it though, I recommend that you send me an email and I will provide personalised flyers (sample pdf) as downloadable pdfs for you to share with people you know. These flyers include everything your referees need to know about our services, as well as a coupon for a discount with your custom code. This streamlines the process and automatically assigns your referees to you via your unique code, so that you get the commission from their purchases without delay. If you are in Australia, you can also request printed flyers to be delivered to you free of charge. 

Start earning today!

Example: Total commission of $5,500 in a situation when a person referred 5 customers that paid for 10 invoices with an average amount of $2,000.*

*Provided the client continues to pay us for services. Terms and conditions apply. Discount applies to new customers only. Commission is paid for customers referred from January 2024 onwards. Offer is subject to change. Actual number of invoices paid, amount per invoice or number of customers may vary and depend on individual circumstances.

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