Importance of Google Reviews

In just one year, we've boosted our rating from 4.6 to 4.8! How did we do it?

In today’s digital age, online reviews are crucial for any business. Customers rely on them more than ever before, and positive feedback carries significant weight. But with the tendency to voice complaints rather than praise, and the impact of negative reviews outweighing positive ones, maintaining a stellar reputation can be challenging. Another contributing factor is that it typically takes approximately 20 five-star reviews to counteract the impact of just one negative one-star review, depending on the total number of reviews received.


We’ve developed a unique customer review strategy for Calibre Real Estate, a boutique real estate agency in Brisbane, Queensland. This approach not only assisted Calibre in enhancing their Google Review ranking but also elevated the level of service provided to customers to the highest standard.

Here’s how we’ve achieved this:

  • Proactively encourage customers to share their feedback through quick surveys embedded in every email signature.
  • Promptly address any reported issues and escalate unresolved matters to the Principal for swift resolution.
  • Conduct weekly team reviews and analyze customer feedback to prevent recurring issues.

By putting this strategy into action, Calibre Real Estate is receiving an influx of positive reviews, acquiring valuable insights to enhance their services, and, most importantly, consistently delivering the exceptional results that customers anticipate from a boutique real estate agency! 🌟


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