20 Years of Marketing Expertise in Under 20 Minutes - Book by Rusty Gimaev

A practical handbook of condensed wisdom for building and marketing your business

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to absorb the practical knowledge you need to successfully build and market your business, 20 Years of Marketing Experience in Under 20 Minutes is the guide for you. It is a practical handbook of condensed wisdom for building and marketing your business.

Rather than lengthy descriptions and dense theory, these pages offer clear, ready to implement, time proven hacks that will help grow your business and boost your revenue from day one.

The key areas include building an effective marketing strategy, marketing and sales, team management, advertising, content marketing, development and project management. 

These insights and techniques have already helped numerous businesses that I have worked with across Australia, and worldwide, and I am confident that you too will reap the benefits of my 20+ years of experience, hundreds of successfully implemented projects, and millions of marketing dollars spent.

No more words – let’s get straight to growing your business!

A Must-Read for Marketers at All Levels
This book gets straight to the point—no fluff, just actionable insights. It's a gem for marketers at all levels. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience in the field, you'll find numerous fantastic takeaways that have proven incredibly useful in my work.

I was in the process of updating my website's design and optimising it for SEO when I stumbled upon Rusty's advice in the book. His insights on the importance of the 3-second rule, creating an engaging landing page and optimising for SEO were precisely what I needed to inspire and guide my website redesign.

But that's not all; this book is a treasure trove of practical tips. It's not a one-time read; it's a book worth revisiting. If you're serious about improving your marketing skills and staying ahead in this dynamic field, I highly recommend giving this book a read - then read it again.

Very Easy and Useful
Very useful and easy to grasp guide for those who would like to quickly understand what marketing is about!

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